Our Experts

Everything we design, is inspired by their pedagogical expertise


Maria Montessori- Doctor

Doctor Maria Montessori dedicated her life to researching children’s development, mainly by observing them. This led her to the conclusion that learning was a natural process, inherent to the child, requiring a rich and prepared environment to take place. In Montessori classrooms around the world, each child progresses at their own rhythm, according to the “sensitive period“ they are in, using the scientific material she designed. Thanks to our certified AMI teachers, Maria Montessori’s philosophy is present in every one of our apps; enabling the natural process of learning to take place and building the child's autonomy and self-confidence.

https://www.montessorisociety.org.uk/ (UK)https://amshq.org/ (USA)

Jean Piaget - Psychologist

Known for his theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget is a constant source of inspiration for Edoki Academy. His studies led him to determine that all children follow the same four stages of development. According to Piaget, children are constantly constructing an understanding of the world around them by experimenting and comparing, at each step integrating simpler concepts into higher-level concepts. Our apps are all about digital experimentation and scaffolding to guide children from easy concepts to more complicated ones.


Seymour Papert - Computer scientist

Seymour Papert, who worked with Jean Piaget in Switzerland, is known for his constructionist theory of learning, as well as LOGO, the first programming language for children he developed at MIT in the late 1960s. Crazy Gears was inspired by his « love for gears » described in Mindstorms, published in 1980 but his contribution to our work goes far beyond. https://el.media.mit.edu/logo-foundation/